Our Mission

Our mission is to provide your guests with the opportunity to explore your property and its surrounding areas by providing them with a variety of bike options that are based on their riding abilities and comfort levels. This will allow everyone to savor the distinctive sights that each community has to offer, while at the same time enjoying a unique, environmentally-friendly and healthy experience that will be remembered as one of the highlights of their visit.

What We Do

bike rentals at hotels

Arevshar partners will include luxury hotels, resorts, timeshares and retirement communities for the purpose of stocking an inventory of pedal-assisted electric bikes on each of the properties and renting those e-bikes to the guests of its partners. Arevshar will finance the entire cost of the e-bikes and the day-to-day operations of the rental service in return for physical access to the partner’s premises and customer base. Arevshar will staff the operation with its own personnel. The properties do not need to allocate any of their personnel to the operation. The partners will receive a percentage of the revenue generated by the e-bike rentals.

Arevshar e-bikes are safe and reliable. All of your guests will be shown a short training video that explains how to operate an e-bike and Arevshar personnel will provide whatever personal assistance is necessary to make a rider feel comfortable. All riders will be provided with a complimentary helmet.

Please see the “FAQ” and “E-Bike Program” for a complete description of the program.