e-Bike Program

The Arevshar program adds INCREMENTAL REVENUE TO YOUR BOTTOM LINE at NO COST TO YOUR PROPERTY. Not only will your property be providing a new upscale and innovative experience to your guests, one that will appeal to health and environmentally conscious individuals, but your property will receive incremental revenue from a percentage of the revenue generated by the program.

What is the Arevshar Bicycle Program?

Arevshar e-Bike Program

Arevshar partners with luxury hotels, resorts, timeshares and retirement communities for the purpose of stocking an inventory of pedal-assisted electric bikes on each of your properties and renting those e-bikes to your guests.

Arevshar will finance the capital costs of the e-bikes and the day-to-day operations of the rental service in return for physical access to your premises and customer base. You will receive a percentage of the revenue generated by the e-bike rentals.

The Arevshar e-bike program provides high-end, commercial grade pedal-assisted electrical bikes that can provide a unique and enjoyable experience to your guests year round. Each property will be stocked with a variety of e-bikes that are appropriate for the local terrain.

How It Works

Arevshar will consult with the local property managers of its partners to ensure that the property is stocked with an appropriate number and type of e-bikes.  Arevshar will rent those e-bikes to the guests of its partners.

Arevshar will finance the cost of the e-bikes and the day-to-day operations of the rental service in return for physical access to the partner’s premises and guests. The properties will generate incremental revenue by receiving a percentage of the revenue generated by the e-bike rentals.

Arevshar will stock the property with additional e-bikes during periods of high demand and will maintain and replace e-bikes as needed.

Overview of Arevshar e-Bike Program

Arevshar will stock each property with an inventory of e-bikes at no cost to the property. The property will generate incremental revenue through participation in Arevshar’s revenue sharing program.

Arevshar will be responsible for:

  • Purchasing the e-bikes`
  • Renting the bikes (all staffing is provided by Arevshar).
  • Providing safety instructions and helmets for all guests.
  • Maintaining the bikes.
  • Replacing the bikes with new bikes on a regular basis.
  • Responding to any distress call or break downs.
  • Researching the appropriate local ordinances and obtaining all of the permits necessary to operate at each property.
  • Paying all local licensing fees.
  • Arevshar shall maintain insurance coverage in the amount of $1 million per occurrence and $3 million in the aggregate.
  • Managing any potential liabilities with the proper use of waiver of liability documents that will be signed by each guest.
  • Arevshar will offer a series of guided tours at each property, highlighting local scenic and historical points of interest.
  • Arevshar personnel will consult with the local property manager to create a loyalty program that will provide guests with an opportunity to earn free rides and other amenities.