Arevshar Bicycle Company
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Arevshar bicycle rental program?

City and BoomerangThe Arevshar program adds INCREMENTAL REVENUE TO YOUR BOTTOM LINE at NO COST TO YOUR PROPERTY. Not only will your property be providing a new upscale and innovative experience to your guests, one that will appeal to health and environmentally conscious individuals, but your property will be receiving incremental revenue from a percentage of the revenue generated by the program.

We will stock your property with an inventory of pedal-assisted electric bikes (e-bikes) and rent those e-bikes to your guests. Arevshar will finance the cost of the e-bikes and the day-to-day operations of the rental service in return for physical access to your premises and guests.

What costs will I incur?

None. Arevshar will absorb all of the capital costs for the e-bikes, batteries and charging stations, as well as all of the ongoing operational expenses.

Do I need to allocate any of my personnel to the program?

No. The service will be staffed by full-time Arevshar personnel, who will be fully responsible for the rental and the maintenance of the e-bikes. Additionally, Arevshar will free up some of your existing personnel by taking over the administration of your current pedal-bicycle program.

Do I have to be concerned about incurring any liabilities in the event that a guest gets has accident?

No. Arevshar assumes all risk of liability and will carry insurance in the amount of $1 million per occurrence and $2 million in the aggregate. Additionally, Arevshar personnel will require each guest to sign a waiver that specifically indemnifies your property from any liability claims.

What type of e-bikes would be stocked at each property?

The inventory mix (trail, commuter, mountain or beach bikes) would be determined after consultation with the property manager and would factor in the perceived needs of the property’s clientele. For example, a downtown property will stock a large number of commuter bikes appropriate for an urban environment, while a coastal property will want to stock an inventory of beach bikes.

How many e-bikes will be located on each property?

The number of e-bikes initially stocked on a particular property will be dependent upon the number of guest rooms on the property and the anticipated demand for the e-bikes. The actual number at any given time could fluctuate based on the seasonality of your business. Arevshar will add additional e-bikes to your inventory on an as-needed basis.

Are the e-bikes safe?

Yes. The technology is mature and reliable. The Arevshar program will utilize pedal-assisted e-bikes, which are only activated when the rider is pedaling. All of the guests will be provided with helmets.

Many of my guests will be unfamiliar with e-bikes. How can I be satisfied that they will know how to safely operate the bikes?

Onsite Arevshar personnel will show a short video that explains how to operate an e-bike to all of the guests that rent an e-bike and will provide a personal demonstration on the use of the bike.

Comfort Cruiser BikeWill guests be able to reserve their e-bikes in advance?

Yes. They will be able to reserve their bikes through Arevshar’s website or by contacting our onsite representatives directly.

Many of my guests will be from out of town and will be unfamiliar with the local area. Will you provide them with any assistance on where to go and how to get there?

Yes. We will provide your guests with maps for local bike trails and directions to points of interest. Additionally, we will schedule periodic guided tours.

What happens if a guest gets a flat tire or has a mechanical failure?

Arevshar will provide immediate roadside assistance to the guest at no cost, and if necessary, will provide a replacement bike, also at no cost.

What can my property do to assist Arevshar in the marketing of the e-bikes?

The property can place banners on its premises that describe the service, advertise the program on its website, distribute Arevshar brochures to its guests and provide Arevshar personnel with a desk near the check-in counter.

What type of properties would be most appropriate for Arevshar’s e-bike program?

Luxury hotels and resorts. Additionally, home- sharing properties and retirement communities.

How do I get more information about the program?

Contact us directly at 877-898-7780 of visit the company’s website at: http://arevshar.com/